New additions to licenced products

In our online store you will find a large variety of products from your favourite films, as well as boys’ and girls’ favourite cartoons. There is a wide range of products, from t-shirts, slippers and pyjamas, to hats, rucksacks and cushions.

Today, we present some of our latest additions. We love being in fashion.

⦁ Harry Potter

If you love the world of Harry Potter, you’re in luck. We have extended our online store with lots of products from this well-known series. For example, the 9 and ¾ rucksack and the Harry Potter cushion.

⦁ Jurassic Park

Other new items in our store are products from the Jurassic Park saga. If you are a fan of the dinosaur saga par excellence, don’t be without your own Jurassic Park products.

⦁ Vampirina

Yes. Vampirina, one of the most fashionable Disney characters, has also reached our online store. An ideal gift for the little ones. Among Vampirina products you will find pyjamas, umbrellas, and even cushions.

⦁ Peg + Cat

If your little ones are always asking you for Peg + Cat, you’re in luck! In our licences catalogue, we have included different products from this children’s television series. Ideal items for going to school, like the Peg + Cat rucksack, or the Peg + Cat slippers for when you’re at home.

⦁ The Avengers

If there is something that has not gone out of fashion in recent years, it’s The Avengers. And we have included ne